The OHMS is a benchmark in the bathroom industry, constantly renewing to offer the best to its clients, now offers its new Ohmyshower brand.

The objective is to be market leaders with the TEXTURE collection as its main flagship brand.


Discover the excellent materials used for our shower trays that combine sturdiness with an exquisite design and are completely cutting-edge.


Visit our countertops, which are fully customisable by shape, type of protection, texture and colour. Our natural resin is considered to one of the best for paintable varnishes and offer great resistance to humidity.


Lining panels are the ideal solution for replacing a bath tub with a shower tray, as these are the perfect accessory for achieving a uniform and delicate look for your bathroom.

The basis of the TEXTURE collection is to be at the leading edge of new trends in bathroom design.
TEXTURE  is inspired by nature to reproduce textures such as wood, cement, marble, etc. with the benefit of better installation, conservation and cleaning.
This gives a bathroom a modern and up-to-date style without compromising the warmth and tonal richness these materials bring.


At Oh My Shower, we want to look after our clients and, to this end, we bring you this installation video for our shower trays, hoping that it will be of great help.


Now, with our 3D Configurator, you can play around with all our materials and try out possible combinations in any of our settings.

You can also see the different textures applied to our products and achieve the combination that best suits your needs.

We hope that you will enjoy this new tool, which will keep evolving, and we are sure that, as our collections grow, it will help you to discover, more closely, our wide range of products and innovations.


We have leading-edge technology so that our products can achieve optimal quality. At OHMS, we dispose of cutting-edge machinery distributed throughout our installations, supplemented with a robotic production line, which, compared to traditional systems, guarantees modernisation, rapidity and greater stability, making us one of the leading manufacturers of shower trays.


We have a Quality control department that monitors every product to guarantee that it meets the demands of the consumer. We demand from our suppliers that raw materials comply with current European regulations and our team of professionals works on improving the product every day, making us more competitive. We work in collaboration with the AIDIMA International Institute, through which we have been awarded European quality certification.

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